Zipparah Tafari on Britain’s Got Talent 2012

Anyone that has been watching this year’ Britain’s Got Talent will have seen this amazing performance by Mr. Zip.

Even if you don’t watch it, you’ll have probably heard all the buzz!

But for those who haven’t been following the 2012 series of BGT, we thought we would share Zipparah Tafari’s crowd-pleasing performance of his now infamous “where me keys, where me phone” rap song

Watch “Where me keys, Where me phone” below to find out what all the fuss is about:

Traditionally, Britains Got Talent sees all manor of talents, from amazing, to shocking and to the just plain strange. But when you get an audition like one, it makes the nation smile.

If you were to read the lyrics of where me keys, where me phone you would never expect lyrics like these would get the whole of the UK raving, but when you hear the way it’s performed with the seriouness of it being a real issue when you leave the house, then you’ll soon see why.

We need more of these day brighteners!

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