What Makes The Best Prank Call Numbers?

The best prank calls often require a carefully thought out script, delivered with confidence, enough to convince your prankee that what you are saying is true – we have lots of posts on how to make the best prank calls, but for now, we’ll talk a bit about the best numbers to prank call.

Often, we see numerous requests for lists of numbers to prank call online, and there are certainly lists available of prank call numbers online available, however, these lists usually contain phone numbers of companies and individuals who the writer wants to prank by posting their details online for all to prank. That’s not what we recommend!

The best prank call numbers are people you know. Not only will you have the ability to talk to them afterwards and share a laugh together, you will also have the challenge of trying to fool them too, which can be far more rewarding than pranking a random number.

You could also prank family, friends, or someone you feel deserves being fooled!

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can use have a look at our prank call numbers service, which allows you to make automated prank calls with a choice of funny themes.

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