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So it’s raining outside and you’re flicking through your phone book looking for someone to call. But you’re really bored, so you want to have a bit of fun right?

What if you could wind up your friends with a hilarious wind up?

Sure, you could think up a prank and then prepare how you’re going to say it, but you know that you’ll probably end up laughing and blowing the whole thing the second they pick up.

That’s where prank call numbers can help you. Automated prank call numbers usually offer a range of realistic prank calls that you can use to wind up your mates and really get them going!

The pranks are based on funny scenarios for eg. the infamous “Is Quentin there?” prank, which is a unique variation on the classic “wrong number gag”. The pranks themselves are recorded using voice actors so they are already very realistic, but the really clever part is the Artificial Intelligence these prank numbers use.

Using this A.I technology, the system actually interacts with what they say and responds at just the right time, making the prank calls so realistic that they will fool them again and again!

The other benefit using prank call numbers is that you don’t have to worry about laughing and ruining the gag – just pick a prank from the list of windup calls the prank call service offers, have your friends number to hand, and let the automated prank call service do the rest whilst you’re laughing out loud!

So, if you’re looking for numbers to prank call, check out // for some inspiration and prank call ideas.

4 thoughts on “Prank call numbers – numbers to prank call uk”

  1. Avatar Jassmen says:

    What numbers do I prank call

    1. prankcalls4u prankcalls4u says:

      Hi Jassmen,

      You can prank call any numbers you like. All you need to do is choose a windup from our hilarious range of prank calls, follow the steps provided, and our prank call service will do the rest (prank call services are sometimes called prank call numbers). Prank call numbers often cause confusion because they can refer to both the prank call line and also the numbers for prank calling!

      Hope this helps, and remember to prank in good spirits!

      See our video on how to make a prank call using our service here:

  2. Avatar ryan says:

    Prank call this number he’s name is Ryan Clark and lives in Dagenham UK
    07496 175236

    1. prankcalls4u prankcalls4u says:

      Hi Ryan,

      We don’t prank numbers on request, but our automated prank call service makes it easy to prank anyone you like – whilst you listen in to their reaction. Please see our video on how to make a prank call, and you will be able to prank call numbers of your choice: //

      Remember to prank in good spirits!

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