How to make a prank call

  1. Choose a windup from our list of Revenge Prank Calls below:
  2. Call 0906 342 0085* Making sure you have the mobile or landline number of the person you want to wind up.
  3. Listen to the main menu options.
  4. Enter the number of the Prank you have chosen.
  5. Enter your Victim’s telephone number and press # when they answer to start the windup.
  6. Your Victim will then believe they are talking to a real person and continue to interact with the recording.
  7. You can secretly listen in while the joke is being played on the Victim so you can hear both the windup and the Victim’s reaction at the same time.
  8. If you hang up the call will end; if your victim hangs up you will be given the option to call back or choose another.

Call: 0906 342 0085 * and Select your hilarious prank

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