Inspiration from one of the most popular prank call videos

If you read our post a while back on how to make a prank call, which goes through 5 of the most important steps to making hilarious prank calls, then you’ll know that creativity and confidence is the key to a great windup!

However, sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done to come up with good prank call ideas, so it’s worth checking out some funny prank calls that went down a treat for some inspiration.

In the first part of the prank call video below, which has had over 9 million views on YouTube, the prankster is acting as a potential customer looking to order some pies from local pie shops.

The prank initially starts off with a simple concept of ordering a pie, then clearly gets slightly ridiculous as he speeds up with a huge order of many different types of “exotic” and made up pies…which he then repeats, because obviously it’s too fast for the store owner to hear, only this time, even faster…

You’ll notice that because of the way it is delivered, with no laughter, the prank is made believable for a moment, and even the people on the receiving end of this prank are thoroughly entertained when they do realise that it’s a windup!

This video also has a second prank call from a rather “manly” sounding lady enquiring about chocolate and other flavoured lipsticks that will make her man go “mmmmm”.

This prank is funny because it could well be a real customer with a strange request, and as you’ll hear, the shop clerks are actually thinking of lipsticks to recommend to “her”.

So even if they think the customer may be joking, they still have to play along, whilst feeling really stupid and awkward!

So as you’ve seen in this funny prank call video, whether or not you are pulling off the hilarious pie prank call or the funny lipstick prank call, creativity and getting into character is the key to making the prank work, and as a result everyone had a good laugh, even the prankees – and surely that is the ideal prank.

So if you want to know how to make great prank calls, then it’s best to start getting creative and have the confidence and self control not to laugh, as this will make the prank so much better.

If you want to prank a friend and are in the UK, you may also want to try PrankCalls4u, an automated prank calls service with many prank call ideas that you can use to wind up your friends!

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