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Brief Prank Call History, Video, Tips & Our Service

Ever since the advent of the telephony era, the prank call has been a popular thing. Even going back to the old-fashioned switchboards, where people actually had to manually connect up plugs in the operator’s room, depending on who you wanted to speak to – the prank call has been around.

We have heard stories of naughty switchboard operators having fun switching leads, so that people end up talking to someone they really were not expecting – “Oh Sorry Sir / Madam!” the switchboard operator may have said, but really they were chuckling to themselves, listening to the two people act all confused – often taking a while to realise the mix-up.

That reminds us of this prank call, where two Chinese restaurants are connected to one another – the outcome of which is highly amusing, as the two get confused and irate with each other!

Double Chinese Food Prank Call: 

So as you can see, making a prank call is simple and fun, and with a bit of creativity we can certainly have a good evening’s entertainment; memorable for everyone involved if done in the right spirits.

Of course as telephony expanded, connectivity was placed in the hands of the masses, and suddenly you didn’t need a switchboard operator to take and re-route calls. This new automated system allowed people to call anyone, and this freedom opened the flood gates for some serious prank calling.

How To Make A Prank Call

There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to making a prank call. You just need a suitable person in mind who you know will react the way you want, a good idea of the content, a bit of confidence to pull it off, and some self-control not to break the prank by laughing too early.

Then as the prank is unleashed, you can then share the laughter will all involved. You may wish to read our article on 4 Simple Steps To Make Funny Prank Calls for some funny prank call ideas

Life can get too serious sometimes, and often we forget to have fun and lighten up. So why not make a prank call and share the gift of laughter.

Enter PrankCalls4u

This is similar to the way in which PrankCalls4u works. You choose a prank, the operator (us) unleashes the automated prank on the “victim”, and you listen in as your chosen “victim” believes they are talking to a real person – and with some pretty hilarious pranks, you can certainly be sure of a good evening’s entertainment!

We all know someone who deserves a good pranking, and the prank call is an easy, funny and memorable way to prank someone you feel deserves it! It could be the boss, a colleague, friends, family – whoever.

And the best thing about our pranks is that you can listen in live to their reaction. It’s all in good fun however, since our pranks are designed to be funny and entertaining, as the tension builds to the point where they wonder “Is this actually a real call? Or have I been pranked?”. And of course because our pranks are so convincing, you can see how much fun this process can be!

All you need to do is have someone in mind, have a look at our pranks, choose one and call our service.

Then you can either listen to examples of the pranks played on others before making your choice, or simply make a prank call right away. Our system does the rest, so you can sit back and listen in to their reaction in secret without them being able to hear a thing as you laugh out loud!

It’s simple, fun and can cost less than a pint for a giggle.

The only question remains is: Who do you feel deserves a good pranking? 

Make a prank call now!

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Why Are Prank Calls So Popular?

Prank calls have been around for eons. They are a great, quick way of providing entertainment from the comfort of your own home, they often give long lasting memories of people’s reactions, and don’t require too many skills to make them work effectively.

Sure, there are lots of other ways to wind up your mates or those you feel need a bit of lightening up, but compared to other types of windups such as practical jokes, fake emails, and fake newspapers etc, the prank call still comes out on top.

Why are prank calls so popular?

  • Because there’s relatively little to go wrong in a prank call
  • You can easily think of someone to prank by scrolling through your phone book
  • It’s fun creating a prank call script of your own
  • It’s challenging making the prank believable

But the main benefit, is that when someone is on the phone, often you will have their undivided attention, compared to trying to pull off a prank in person which will inevitably have more things to go wrong that are outside your control.

Don’t get us wrong, a great practical joke can be priceless, but then again, so can a great prank call. And it’s something you can do right now and have some laughs within minutes!

If you are stuck thinking up a funny prank call script, then get on down to our prank calls website now for some wicked prank call ideas at:

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How to Create The Best Phone Pranks

Phone pranks have always been a popular choice when it comes to winding someone up. Be it your friend, a colleague, or even your boss.

Here at PrankCalls4u, we know what goes into making a good phone prank, and how you too can come up with the best phone pranks.

First of all, choose your target well – don’t choose people who will just hang up – that’s just frustrating for everyone involved. Choose someone you know will answer, and play along. Ideally choose someone slightly naive who will get suckered into the prank good and proper!

So here are the steps involved in making great phone pranks:

  • Step 1 is finding someone who is receptive – someone who is going to give you a great reaction, to make the phone prank even better. Do please bear is mind that you shouldn’t prank anybody you feel doesn’t have a good sense of humour, or are easily offended or vulnerable.
  • Step 2: Once you have chosen a suitable person to prank, then plan your windup carefully. Choose a theme you think is relevant for the person you are pranking, and then begin to brainstorm ideas. Think of how you will open the conversation, how you want it to progress, what “character and role” you will undertake, and also try to visualise the responses you may get, so that you are not caught off guard.
  • Step 3: Unleash the prank: be confident, consistent and believable with your delivery of the prank. Laughing, being out of control or panicking makes for a failed phone prank, so be aware that the more you keep it together, no matter how much you may want to crack up laughing, will make the end result much better.
  • Step 4: Have a direction or idea of how you want the prank to turn out. Without this, your prank will probably be a waste of time. It’s the difference between an average prank and a great, rememberable prank. Knowing what you want the outcome to be is vital to achieving a good phone prank.
  • Step 5: Listen in whilst you lead them into the butt of your joke. Whether your laughs come from their realisation that they have been pranked but had no clue up until that point, or you surprise them with something totally unexpected, is up to you. Whatever reaction you are looking for, it’s good to build up the suspense for as long as possible without messing up the prank.

Remember: the goal doesn’t have to be outrageous. Often the best pranks are the simplest ones, and that allow you to engage with the Prankee long enough to make the prank a success.

The best pranks end where both the Pranker and the Pranked laugh and joke after the prank has been revealed. So being creative and playful, without being disrespectful in any way, will often create lasting memories – “Remember when you got me with that crazy prank?”

Now it’s up to you to get creative. Pranking can be a lot of fun, but make sure the end goal is mutual entertainment and you are sure to share laughter all round.

If you still stuck for ideas or just want to play a great prank on someone now, then visit our prank calls page.

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Funny Prank Calls For Everyone!

What better time to make some funny prank calls. Winter’s closing in, it’s that time of year where people are starting to think of winter breaks, holidays etc. They’re relaxing.

Not for long. What a great time to unleash a great prank call on them huh?

We think so too.

Luckily, you have come to the right place. At, we specialise in delivering hilarious prank calls direct to your chosen “victim’s” phone. All while you sit back and enjoy their reactions, without them being able to hear your laughter as they fall for our hilarious pre-recorded pranks.

There’s nothing for you to do, other than check out our range of hilarious and ultra-convincing prank calls, and choose someone to play them on.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our hilarious prank calls now at

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Want to know how to make a great prank call?

Making prank calls is a lot of fun. But not when you don’t know how to do them properly or even what to say…

We have written an article just for you. If you are looking for prank call ideas and how to make prank calls, then have a read of our 5 step guide…

We talk about what makes a great prank call, what to say, prank call ideas that work well and most of all, how to really windup your friends or colleagues and have fun!

Here is the link to our 5 step formula to create hilarious prank calls.

Have a read and leave us a comment or tell us about any funny prank calls you’ve made.

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Should you prank call your ex?

This is an interesting topic with lots of people searching for ways to prank call your ex, getting revenge on your ex and the best way to wind up your ex, but the real question is: should you prank call your ex?

We think this depends on how you see the situation and how you feel. Many choose to prank call their ex after a hard breakup as they may feel hurt and want to get even with them. If this is the case, then we recommend that you don’t prank call your ex!

All breakups can be difficult, but ultimately, something went wrong in the first place and as long as your attitude reflects your strength and ability to move on, then a prank call to your ex may be just what you need. Winding up your ex in this way could be a great way to turn something negative into laughter, and who knows, maybe they deserve some humiliation too!

Usually, prank calls don’t go very well because you don’t know what to say or maybe you laugh when you’re pulling off the prank. These things affect the whole windup and make you look the silly one.

But what if you could make an automated prank call that was so convincing that your “victim” actually believed the whole prank was real, only to be humiliated after some very funny minutes of them engaging with the prank?  It’s now possible with our automated prank call service!

Our prank call service has a range of professionally recorded prank calls all with different themes, so you can be sure there will be something for your situation. For example if you wanted to get revenge on your ex, then a popular choice would be our infamous Sexual Disease Clinic prank call – where your ex receives a call from the Sexual Disease Clinic informing that they have been named by an ex partner and may have contracted the dreadful Zachary syndrome – it’s not pretty and has an unusually pain and embarassing treatment…

As the prank call is unleashed, they are asked them a series of questions, first sounding quite normal, but as the heat is turned up slowly, the more embrarassing questions start being asked – and  because our prank calls are so realistic, you won’t believe the honest answers you will hear…for once!

Why are our prank calls so realistic?

We use professional voice actors to record the windups and then our system uses Artificial Intelligence technology to actually interact with the person you are calling. So all you need to do is sit back and watch them make a complete fool out of themselves.

You don’t need to do anything apart from from call our prank line numbers, choose a wind up call and enter their number. No more thinking what to say or trying not to laugh. Just a hilarious prank call that will humiliate your ex!

So is it a good idea to prank call your ex?

It all comes down to if you have a sense of humour. If you just want to serve them up a nice slice of revenge and have a lot of fun at the same time as they make a total fool out of themselves, then we definitely recommend one of our wind up calls. They are light hearted and great fun. You can even tell them they were being wound up afterwards, but the responses you will get will be priceless!

So, if you want to prank call your ex, then have a look at our revenge prank calls.

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How can an automated prank call be so convincing?

Prank calls are as much as an art as anything else and require practise to get right. Maybe you really want to prank someone you know; a friend, relative or even your boss, but don’t know what to say, worry you will sound silly or the most difficult one: you keep laughing, giving the prank away, leaving you the only foolish sounding one!

Well these things can all be improved and we posted an article to help you create the perfect hilarious prank calls, which you can find here.

However, the topic of today’s post is: If you need some great phone skills to pull off the perfect prank, then how can an automated prank call even come close to winding someone up successfully? Read on and we’ll tell you…

You see usually you have 3 things to think about to make a great prank call amongst other factors:

  • What the prank is going to be about
  • How you are going to respond to what they say
  • Trying not to blow the whole prank by laughing

Using an automated prank call from a prank call service takes care of all of these things for you. Just choose a theme for the prank that you think will work well with the person and let the prank call service do the rest.

But how can an automated prank call be so realistic? Won’t it sound like E.T. phoning home?

Not at all!  First of all, the prank calls themselves are recorded using professional voice actors whose tone of voice and meaning comes across in the recording. But as the prank is unleashed, the real cleverness starts to begin…

As the person you are prank calling responds, the prank call service uses Artificial Intelligence technology which actually interacts to the various responses given by your prank call “victim” – this includes pausing to listen to what they have to say before replying accordingly, making the pranks ultra realistic… and all without the problem of you laughing out loud and ruining the whole prank!

The result: A great prank call that is so convincing that you’ll want to wind up everyone you know!

Here are some examples of automated prank calls you can use.

Until next time, happy pranking!

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What’s the secret to making really funny prank calls?

Anyone can make a prank call, but there is an art to making a really funny prank call.

There is one thing that all famous prank callers have in common. And that’s delivery.

To make funny prank calls, you have to get your timing just right. You have to believe that that you are the little character who is winding up that person. What would they say?

Strangely enough, usually the best prank calls come from you not actually trying to make a “funny prank call” at all. If you received a call from someone trying to be funny, you would probably immediately think it was a wind up call.

The funniest prank call ideas come from the reaction of the person you are calling rather than what you are saying.

In our experience, as operators of a prank call service, we have seen lots of funny prank calls. And lots of prank calls that just don’t work too. All the funniest wind up calls build up slowly.

Firstly they engage the person you are calling, kind of like an introduction, which sounds fairly normal. You want to have a conversation, not alert them to the call being a wind up.

During the conversation, the questions are key. Usually the funniest prank calls start off by asking fairly normal questions and then making them more and more outrageous as the prank call goes on.

It’s like pushing a boundary where you are clearly asking outrageous things and the other person is still answering seriously – they have no idea they are being wound up!

Then comes the best bit. The close of the prank call.

Unleasing the prank call can be done in many different ways. You can let the person know that you have been winding them all along, or drop something in subtly that triggers them to suddenly realise what a fool they have been aswering your ridiculous questions.

This type of prank call works best with know-it-alls! We’re sure you know at least a few of these boffins who need a bit of lightening up…

So, to make a funny prank phone call work, it’s really about focusing on the topic of the prank call, the delivery and also having the confidence you will need to pull it off.

So get practising and you’ll be a pranking pro in no time.  However, if you want to try some funny automated prank phone calls, then visit our funny prank calls website for more info.

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What Makes The Best Pranks?

We have a philosophy at PrankCalls4u – the best pranks should be where both parties share the laughter. These type of prank calls are the best because they are rememberable and give enjoyment to everyone involved, which is the whole idea.

Sometimes people may think the point of a prank is to annoy, offend or insult someone, however this is not the true essence of what makes the perfect prank.

The perfect prank may annoy, frustrate or even anger someone momentarily, but ultimately by the time that the prank has played out, the benefits should be mutually enjoyable. That’s what a real prank should be like.

Whether it’s a practical joke or a prank phone call, this fundamental ingredient will always pave the way to the best pranks.

A good example is from the TV Series on Comedy Central – Impractical Jokers. These guys are always laughing, but so are their chosen “victims”. These wind up show characters, although primarily geared up to humiliate themselves as the butt of the jokes, are also able to share that laughter and humiliation with the other people involved, which overall makes for a much better pranking experience.

Laughter shared is much better than offending, insulting or angering. Try this approach and see how much better your pranking results are – for everyone involved!

A great prank should make someone’s day!

Have a look at the Impractical Jokers in action to see what we mean:


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Funniest Video – Be A Character & Make Funny Prank Calls Today!

Ah this is such a good video! When we watch funny videos like these, it reminds us just how important being somebody that stands out is, and having your own character.

Watch the funny video below to see what we mean, and become a character by being someone that people remember!

One way of becoming a character is to make funny prank calls. By making a funny prank call in the right way, the prank call (as well as physical pranks and practical jokes) can be remembered by everyone involved for a long time, creating memories of laughter all around.

You can be that person, by using our prank call service, to make funny prank calls now at

We have a selection of the best prank calls you can try on your mates, or anyone you feel needs a bit of lightening up! To see our prank call ideas, just visit All Our Pranks page, and make a prank call today, that will be remembered by all for yonks!

So, go on, be a character – make a prank call today, and get remembered for being somebody with character!


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*Please refer to the following terms before using our premium rate service: Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your Network Access Charge. Please check with your network operator or mobile service provider before calling for your exact Network Access Charge. Call charges may still apply if the number is misdialled, but is a valid phone number. General: You should be over 18 to call. Ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling. If your victim hangs up, you will given the option to call again or choose another wind-up. If you hang up, the call will be terminated. Service provided by 6dg, 2nd Floor, 33 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AS. For full terms, see our “Terms” page.