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Funniest Video – Be A Character & Make Funny Prank Calls Today!

Ah this is such a good video! When we watch funny videos like these, it reminds us just how important being somebody that stands out is, and having your own character.

Watch the funny video below to see what we mean, and become a character by being someone that people remember!

One way of becoming a character is to make funny prank calls. By making a funny prank call in the right way, the prank call (as well as physical pranks and practical jokes) can be remembered by everyone involved for a long time, creating memories of laughter all around.

You can be that person, by using our prank call service, to make funny prank calls now at

We have a selection of the best prank calls you can try on your mates, or anyone you feel needs a bit of lightening up! To see our prank call ideas, just visit All Our Pranks page, and make a prank call today, that will be remembered by all for yonks!

So, go on, be a character – make a prank call today, and get remembered for being somebody with character!


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April Fools Prank Calls: Bid Adieu to the Weekend Blues with Prank Calls

With April Fool’s 2017 fast approaching, you better be ready for some serious pranking – after all April Fools Prank Calls are a tradition – a must – legendary.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but not all weekends are fun. You can plan out all you want on how to spend Saturdays and Sundays, only to find out that none of those plans will push through because of traffic, weather conditions, last minute cancellations, and other factors. There are also times when weekends just feel a little bit meh, where the itch to go on a road trip or a quick drive to the mall is overpowered by the desire to just stay home. One may think that weekends are an epic fail when these things happen, but there’s still a way to turn things around. You can call up your friends and family, and invite them over for a fun weekend of prank calls. Explore different techniques, bond over unique spiels and just laugh the weekend away because admit it, that’s something we all need after a week of burying ourselves with work!

The Ha-ha’s Are Worth It

How to Create The Best Phone Pranks

How to Create The Best Phone Pranks

Funny prank calls are called such for a good reason. Simple lines and scenes are guaranteed to send everyone laughing on the floor and crying between giggle fits. It’s an activity that your family and friends won’t mind bonding over because really, who can resist the opportunity to toss those worries out the window and just laugh the weekend away? Especially since it’s April Fools 2017 this weekend, so making some April Fool’s Prank Calls would be ideal!

Prank calls are also an excellent way to practice your creativity, since you will never know how the person on the other line will react to your spiel. It’s also a good chance to test which scripts are effective, and which ones are not. You can even have a prank call competition, where the one who gets the highest batting average receives a prize from the group while the one who loses has to face consequences – kind of like the Impractical Joker’s show.

Here are some scenarios that you can play out during the prank call weekend of April Fools 2017:

  • Channel your inner SpongeBob – Call a random number and ask “Is this Krusty the Krab?”. When they say no, scream “But it’s SpongeBob and I called to say I won’t make it to work today!”
  • Pick random numbers and call them to ask when the next train is leaving.
  • Call the pizza restaurant in your neighborhood and tell them that you want to order a pizza. Explain that you’re a vegetarian and you will only eat a pizza that has no meat in it. When they’re done making suggestions, tell them that you want to order a pepperoni pizza and then hang up.
  • Be like Darth Vader and ask the person on the other line if their name is Luke. If they say no, breathe deeply and say “I am your father”. Hang up. Star Wars fans are definitely gonna love this!

There are so many ways to make prank calls – all you need to do is be creative – so spend the weekend with laughter and cheer in the company of people who matter via funny prank calls!

The Best April Fools Prank Calls

And if you want someone else to do all the work for you, and don’t want to worry about laughing out loud and ruining the prank call, or have run out of ideas for prank calls, then why not, this April Fools 2017, let PrankCalls4u delivery exactly what you need in terms of the best April Fool’s Prank Calls.

We have amazingly convincing, professionally recorded automated prank calls, that allow you to listen in secretly to your “victim’s” reaction!

Just visit our Prank Calls page now for some guaranteed prank call fun this April Fools 2017.

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How to Create The Best Prank Calls

Yo pranksters! If you are looking for a step by step guide to make funny prank calls, then watch this short prank call how to video we have put together. And if you still want us to do all the work for you, to deliver the best prank calls, then just visit our prank calls website, and we’ll create some rib tickling moments for you, all without the need to break a sweat.

Watch the video below for the prank call tips.

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Video: How to Make a Prank Call Using Our Automated Prank Call Service

If you are looking to make a prank call and don’t know how, you’ve come to the right place.

At we have been pranking since 2007, and have a range of hilarious, professionally recorded pranks for you to play on your mates.

Our prank call service is fully automated, highly convincing and will create some memorable moments of laughter for all those involved – all whilst you listen in to their reaction live.

All you need to do is a choose a windup from our range of funny prank calls, and we’ll do the rest.

Watch our video on how to make a prank call:

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Want To Make Your 2017 Even More Interesting?

Time really does fly by when you’re having fun, and no doubt many were honking horns and watching fireworks as 2017 was ushered in. As part of the preparations for all of that, people were already busy planning and preparing for the year ahead. Another year means another chapter and another chance to start over, so it’s only fitting that people are grabbing the opportunity to “make things right”. However, it would be such a huge waste to just follow the same routines from the past year so why not make the new year even more interesting by setting up weekly or monthly prank call sessions with friends and family? It’s the perfect way to get rid of a week or month’s worth of stress from work and school, plus you’ll be spreading laughter and good vibes all throughout the year!

Here are some prank call ideas for 2017 that you just might enjoy:

Do You Know Who I Am?
Try prank calling a random number and once they pick up the phone, start a casual conversation with them. Make sure the topic is interesting so that they will engage in the discussion. After a few minutes, ask them if they know who you are. If they say no, tell them to make a wild guess. When they’re done guessing, tell them: “You won’t know who I am because I don’t even know who I am”.

Help, I’m in Jail!
Telephone prank calls are all about creativity and you’ll definitely send everyone on the floor laughing with this one. Prank call numbers and tell them you’re in jail. Here’s the script:

“Hello? So yeah the thing is I have no idea who you are and you have no idea who I am but please don’t hang up. I am currently in jail and I decided to call this random number because I am so drunk and so high I cannot, for the life of me, remember the number of my parents’ or girlfriend’s house. Can you please look for my parents and tell them I need their help ASAP? The guys here are telling me they’re gonna kill me! Help!” And then hang up after they worriedly ask you a bunch of questions.

Hello Dominos Pizza?
This takes funny prank calls to a whole new level so buckle your seatbelts because things are about to get a bit more interesting. Call Pizza Hut and ask them to give you the contact number of Dominos Pizza. Before they even get the chance to hang up on you, start describing your favourite Dominos pizza from the visuals all the way down to the taste. When you’re done you can hang up.

Prank dialling numbers is so easy – all you need is a little bit of creativity. Take turns making the calls and enjoy watching everyone laugh out loud as they listen to each spiel. It’s a great bonding activity and it’s one way to get rid of all the negative juju.

And if you don’t want to make the prank calls yourself, then you use the UK automated prank call service at PrankCalls4u – with a great selection of professionally recorded prank calls, you can listen in live and secretly as the pranks are unleashed! So go on, wind someone up today!

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Enjoy Tons of Ha-ha’s this Christmas Through Prank Calling

Aside from the traditional exchange of presents during the Yuletide season, one of the things that a lot of people look forward to is being reunited with their families. Relatives that live thousands of miles away make an effort to go home just to spend time with their loved ones. It’s an excellent time to catch up, exchange stories about the year’s highs and lows, challenge each other through games, and share lots of laughter through jokes and prank calls!

Did we just tell you to prank call numbers this Christmas?

Oh yes we did.

Now before you freak out, hear us out.

Prank Dialing for Fun

We understand that you’re worried because you might get caught and that’s normal. Fortunately, that’s also an issue that’s easy to address (we’ll share the tips later). Telephone prank calls are fun because they’re something that you can do with friends and family. It can be a bonding activity, each of you can pitch in an idea or a spiel that you can use and see which one has the highest batting average. Sure, you can come up with prank call ideas on your own but it’s a lot more enjoyable if you can see how other people will react to your “prank call skills”. It’s also pure clean fun and you won’t be causing any harm for as long as you know what your limitations are.

Christmas is the perfect time to do these prank calls because almost all the members of the family are there. You can pitch the idea during lunch, afternoon barbecue or dinner and see what they think. If they’re a bit too iffy, try to convince them. For all you know, they could be yearning for at least an hour’s worth of laughter, too.

Prank Call Ideas for Christmas

Right at the top of the list of spiels that you can do when prank calling is this: disguise your voice and pretend that you’re Santa, checking to see if they’ve been naughty or nice this year. Another Santa-themed prank call is by asking them to install a chimney so you can easily access their Christmas tree. You can also call a random number and tell them you’re one of Santa’s little helpers and you need directions to the North Pole. Or how about pretending that you’re a celebrity and they can tag along as you buy gifts for Christmas? Tell them to grab a pen and paper so they can write the address of your meetup location and hang up right after they declare that they’re ready. These are just some of the many things that you can do. Don’t forget to ask your relatives to throw in some spiels for you!

Now, if you’re worried about getting caught, reel in PrankCalls4u. These prank call pros have mastered the skill and the best part is, you can listen in as they work their magic, as the professionally recorded, and ultra-convincing prank calls are unwrapped this Christmas! Visit our prank call website for more!

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Have Loads of Fun with Prank Calls

There are days when you need a good laugh to take your mind off the workload that’s waiting for you in school or at the office. During these days, people usually invite their friends to come over for a movie marathon, or to talk about random things while downing a bottle of beer. Barbecue afternoons with family are also very much welcome.

While these events are great ways to de-stress and unwind, there are also times where you may want to mix things up a little. This can be with family or friends, or both! Although perhaps better suited to a group of close pals, you can suggest an entire afternoon of making prank calls. You can choose random numbers, prank call them, add a little bit of creativity to your spiel, and watch your friends toss and turn as they burst out in laughter.

Phone Pranks

There are many ways that you can make prank phone calls. You have to start with a good prank call script. Begin by creating a great opener, that isn’t too outrageous – it has to be believable yet also provoke further interest, so that the conversation can continue. The best pranks are the ones that keep someone hanging, not quite knowing that they are being pranked, and right at the end, unleash the prank, causing maximum humiliation!

It’s also essential to choose people that you know will play into the prank. You have to be confident as you speak, so that the prank is all the more convincing, and you must also hold back your laughter, or else you’ll spoil the prank! The possibilities are endless with phone pranks, and the laughter limitless.

Timing is Key

Delivering a good punch line is all about timing. If it’s too early, it won’t be funny, and if it’s too late then you just missed the moment. You need to know when to throw in the punch line in order for your prank calls to be successful.


You should also know what your limitations are when it comes to making prank calls. Remember to never prank call emergency services or anyone you feel will not react well. Pranks should be about pure clean fun – that’s why you also need to be cautious in coming up with your spiel, and choose to prank someone you know will take the joke well, once it’s out the bag!

Leave it to the Pros

If you want to have a laugh, but are not keen on making the prank calls yourself, either for fear of laughing out loud and blowing your cover, or if you are struggling to come up with good prank call ideas, then why not leave it to the prank call pros.

At PrankCalls4u, we have you covered! Just choose a funny windup from our range of funny prank calls, give us the number that you want us to call, and we’ll do the rest, as we unleash the windups on whoever you like! All our automated prank calls are professionally recorded, ultra-realistic, and you can listen in on the pranks and laugh out loud without having to worry if the person on the other line can hear you. So go, make some funny memories and prank someone today!

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Celebrate Halloween 2016 in style and prank someone silly!

Here are some fabulous Halloween Prank Call Ideas that you can play on your mates:

Halloween Prank Calls

Or, if you’d prefer to let us do all the talking, then you can try one of our hilarious professionally recorded automated prank calls. All you have to do is choose a prank, have someone in mind that you want to be your “victim”, and we’ll do the rest! You can listen in live and secretly to their reaction too! What a Ghoulish thing to do!

Make a Funny Halloween Prank Call

So, if you want to give someone a Halloween fright, then check out our funny prank calls and make a prank call today!

Happy Haunting and Prank Calling from

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Brief Prank Call History, Video, Tips & Our Service

Ever since the advent of the telephony era, the prank call has been a popular thing. Even going back to the old-fashioned switchboards, where people actually had to manually connect up plugs in the operator’s room, depending on who you wanted to speak to – the prank call has been around.

We have heard stories of naughty switchboard operators having fun switching leads, so that people end up talking to someone they really were not expecting – “Oh Sorry Sir / Madam!” the switchboard operator may have said, but really they were chuckling to themselves, listening to the two people act all confused – often taking a while to realise the mix-up.

That reminds us of this prank call, where two Chinese restaurants are connected to one another – the outcome of which is highly amusing, as the two get confused and irate with each other!

Double Chinese Food Prank Call: 

So as you can see, making a prank call is simple and fun, and with a bit of creativity we can certainly have a good evening’s entertainment; memorable for everyone involved if done in the right spirits.

Of course as telephony expanded, connectivity was placed in the hands of the masses, and suddenly you didn’t need a switchboard operator to take and re-route calls. This new automated system allowed people to call anyone, and this freedom opened the flood gates for some serious prank calling.

How To Make A Prank Call

There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to making a prank call. You just need a suitable person in mind who you know will react the way you want, a good idea of the content, a bit of confidence to pull it off, and some self-control not to break the prank by laughing too early.

Then as the prank is unleashed, you can then share the laughter will all involved. You may wish to read our article on 4 Simple Steps To Make Funny Prank Calls for some funny prank call ideas

Life can get too serious sometimes, and often we forget to have fun and lighten up. So why not make a prank call and share the gift of laughter.

Enter PrankCalls4u

This is similar to the way in which PrankCalls4u works. You choose a prank, the operator (us) unleashes the automated prank on the “victim”, and you listen in as your chosen “victim” believes they are talking to a real person – and with some pretty hilarious pranks, you can certainly be sure of a good evening’s entertainment!

We all know someone who deserves a good pranking, and the prank call is an easy, funny and memorable way to prank someone you feel deserves it! It could be the boss, a colleague, friends, family – whoever.

And the best thing about our pranks is that you can listen in live to their reaction. It’s all in good fun however, since our pranks are designed to be funny and entertaining, as the tension builds to the point where they wonder “Is this actually a real call? Or have I been pranked?”. And of course because our pranks are so convincing, you can see how much fun this process can be!

All you need to do is have someone in mind, have a look at our pranks, choose one and call our service.

Then you can either listen to examples of the pranks played on others before making your choice, or simply make a prank call right away. Our system does the rest, so you can sit back and listen in to their reaction in secret without them being able to hear a thing as you laugh out loud!

It’s simple, fun and can cost less than a pint for a giggle.

The only question remains is: Who do you feel deserves a good pranking? 

Make a prank call now!

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April Fools Day 2016 – Prank Or Be Pranked!

Funny April Fools Prank Calls 2016

A big welcome to all you pranksters out there, who have come together once again, at this special time of year, where we unleash all our best pranks on our friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you feel requires a good pranking.


April Fools Day, which falls on the 1st of April every year, is celebrated all around the world. It’s a great opportunity to unleash some funny pranks on your friends, and have some fun. Heck, there’s enough stresses and strains in life, so why not give yourself the best medicine of all – laughter.

You can learn more about the History of April Fools by clicking the link. However in short, April Fools seems to have uncertain origins, but one thing is for sure, April Fools is an ancient tradition, with a rich history of pranking from all walks of life.

The basic idea is to share laughter and to get one up on your friends, and this calls for ingenious April Fools Day Ideas to be thought up; like the McDonald’s ad promoting the “Left handed burger”!

Other famous April Fools Day Pranks include Virgin Cola’s “Blue Can” prank, where Virgin Cola ran an ad across British newspapers claiming that if a can went past it’s sell by date, a reaction would take place, where the can itself would turn blue. This was around the same time that Pepsi unveiled its bright blue cans! (#99 on this List of Top April Fools Pranks). So April Fools can also promote some funny and healthy competition amongst brands too.

Whatever your take on April Fools, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate this ancient tradition, and pull out your best pranks for a bumper April Fools.

Send your friends around the bend with our funny April Fools Day pranks

If you’re looking for April Fools Day prank calls, you’ve come to the right place!

PrankCalls4u has been online since 2007, making it one of the oldest prank call websites on the internet. Our pranks are ultra-realistic, rib-tickling funny, and will make this April Fools a year to remember!

Be sure to browse our selection of Funny April Fools Prank Calls and prepare for some serious laughter with some of the best April Fools pranks around!

Have a great April Fools 2016 everyone, from

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*Please refer to the following terms before using our premium rate service: Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your Network Access Charge. Please check with your network operator or mobile service provider before calling for your exact Network Access Charge. Call charges may still apply if the number is misdialled, but is a valid phone number. General: You should be over 18 to call. Ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling. If your victim hangs up, you will given the option to call again or choose another wind-up. If you hang up, the call will be terminated. Service provided by 6dg, 2nd Floor, 33 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AS. For full terms, see our “Terms” page.