April Fools Prank Calls

Every year we look forward to the amazingly creative and funny ways people come up with to wind each other up on April Fools.

Of course, people wind each other up all year round, but April Fools is always a time to rise to the challenge, and come up with something a little bit special.

We think the best prank calls are the ones that start off fairly sensible and believable, and unwind slowly, making the person really believe in the prank… and then the prank is unleashed, eliciting feelings of laughter, humiliation and knowing that you just got pranked!

Check out this prank played on a school teacher by one of his students. The teacher wanted to enforce a policy that whenever one of their phones rang in class, they would have to answer it on speakerphone… except this one goes pear shaped for the teacher… resulting in a barrel of laughs for all.

Some say it’s one of the best April Fool’s pranks, but what do you think? Sneak a peak from our best prank calls on YouTube playlist, which showcases a selection of the best prank calls on YouTube.

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