5 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas and Prank Call Scripts

You don’t have to wait until April Fool’s Day before you can pull out some funny pranks on your friends and family members. Every now and then we can all use some good laughs on boring days.

Below are some top-notch prank call ideas that will surely generate good measure of laughter, no matter the situation or the victim. The only disclaimer though, is that you must first ensure that the victim has a good sense of humour and that he/she is not your boss and can fire you!

1.    Do you have a message for me? – Imagine receiving a seemingly wrongly dialed call from someone looking for Mike (make sure your victims name is not Mike). The caller respectfully asks if Mike has a message for him. Of course, since the victim is not Mike, they will probably hang up. However, the real fun kicks-in when the same call keeps coming through, every other hour and lasts for a week! The essence of this prank is to secretly enjoy the breaking point of your victims, hearing them lose their cool over an incessant pest of a caller.

2.    Hello, any pig’s feet? – This prank works by calling up a meat department or a butcher’s shop. You ask if they have pig’s feet. If the answer is yes, tell him or her to wear shoes to make sure no one sees them, then quickly drop the phone!

3.     You called me! – Pretend that your victim  just called you, and since you don’t know him, you demand for their name and why they called you. Of course, they are going to deny they called, arguing that you called them. You can then counter-argue that they were the first to call. Make sure you sound irritated and annoyed to make it more realistic. Then after a few minutes you call again, this time threaten to report them if they refuse to stop calling you.  Continue until you are tired or get fed up!

4.    Put your phones down everyone, please! – This is a perfect prank to play on your co-workers. Infact you might need  to have thought out a prank call script to make this prank even more effective. Select a victim that everyone trusts on your floor and pretend to be the representative of a phone company. Tell him that your organisation will be carrying out a phone line blowup exercise in a few minute (ask if he knows what a blowup means). Explain further that this is the industry’s standard procedure that makes it possible for phone companies to clean out the dirt that cause noise on the phone. And to do this effectively you demand that no phone should be used in the office for the next 30 minutes because your company will be sending about 375 volts of electricity through the lines. Ask your victim to quickly dash through the hall and pass the message across to everyone; the volts are coming through in five minutes!

5.    Excuse me ma, how are babies made? – You will need to have voice changer program to successfully pull this prank off. Change your voice to that of a kid and honestly request to know from the victim, exactly how babies are made. The victim will be instantly taken aback by this, and the thrill is in listening to how they diplomatically try to explain themselves. After all, who will turn down a genuinely honest question from a kid?

Using the above funny prank calls most effectively requires for a touch of creativity, adapting them to your own unique environment and situations. Then, sit back and watch your chosen victim sweat – and above all, enjoy yourself!

If you have pulled a great prank, leave a comment of the prank call script you used and how it turned out. Let’s build a collection of great pranks and windups!

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