Should you prank call your ex?

This is an interesting topic with lots of people searching for ways to prank call your ex, getting revenge on your ex and the best way to wind up your ex, but the real question is: should you prank call your ex?

We think this depends on how you see the situation and how you feel. Many choose to prank call their ex after a hard breakup as they may feel hurt and want to get even with them. If this is the case, then we recommend that you don’t prank call your ex!

All breakups can be difficult, but ultimately, something went wrong in the first place and as long as your attitude reflects your strength and ability to move on, then a prank call to your ex may be just what you need. Winding up your ex in this way could be a great way to turn something negative into laughter, and who knows, maybe they deserve some humiliation too!

Usually, prank calls don’t go very well because you don’t know what to say or maybe you laugh when you’re pulling off the prank. These things affect the whole windup and make you look the silly one.

But what if you could make an automated prank call that was so convincing that your “victim” actually believed the whole prank was real, only to be humiliated after some very funny minutes of them engaging with the prank?  It’s now possible with our automated prank call service!

Our prank call service has a range of professionally recorded prank calls all with different themes, so you can be sure there will be something for your situation. For example if you wanted to get revenge on your ex, then a popular choice would be our infamous Sexual Disease Clinic prank call – where your ex receives a call from the Sexual Disease Clinic informing that they have been named by an ex partner and may have contracted the dreadful Zachary syndrome – it’s not pretty and has an unusually pain and embarassing treatment…

As the prank call is unleashed, they are asked them a series of questions, first sounding quite normal, but as the heat is turned up slowly, the more embrarassing questions start being asked – and  because our prank calls are so realistic, you won’t believe the honest answers you will hear…for once!

Why are our prank calls so realistic?

We use professional voice actors to record the windups and then our system uses Artificial Intelligence technology to actually interact with the person you are calling. So all you need to do is sit back and watch them make a complete fool out of themselves.

You don’t need to do anything apart from from call our prank line numbers, choose a wind up call and enter their number. No more thinking what to say or trying not to laugh. Just a hilarious prank call that will humiliate your ex!

So is it a good idea to prank call your ex?

It all comes down to if you have a sense of humour. If you just want to serve them up a nice slice of revenge and have a lot of fun at the same time as they make a total fool out of themselves, then we definitely recommend one of our wind up calls. They are light hearted and great fun. You can even tell them they were being wound up afterwards, but the responses you will get will be priceless!

So, if you want to prank call your ex, then have a look at our revenge prank calls.