How can an automated prank call be so convincing?

Prank calls are as much as an art as anything else and require practise to get right. Maybe you really want to prank someone you know; a friend, relative or even your boss, but don’t know what to say, worry you will sound silly or the most difficult one: you keep laughing, giving the prank away, leaving you the only foolish sounding one!

Well these things can all be improved and we posted an article to help you create the perfect hilarious prank calls, which you can find here.

However, the topic of today’s post is: If you need some great phone skills to pull off the perfect prank, then how can an automated prank call even come close to winding someone up successfully? Read on and we’ll tell you…

You see usually you have 3 things to think about to make a great prank call amongst other factors:

  • What the prank is going to be about
  • How you are going to respond to what they say
  • Trying not to blow the whole prank by laughing

Using an automated prank call from a prank call service takes care of all of these things for you. Just choose a theme for the prank that you think will work well with the person and let the prank call service do the rest.

But how can an automated prank call be so realistic? Won’t it sound like E.T. phoning home?

Not at all!  First of all, the prank calls themselves are recorded using professional voice actors whose tone of voice and meaning comes across in the recording. But as the prank is unleashed, the real cleverness starts to begin…

As the person you are prank calling responds, the prank call service uses Artificial Intelligence technology which actually interacts to the various responses given by your prank call “victim” – this includes pausing to listen to what they have to say before replying accordingly, making the pranks ultra realistic… and all without the problem of you laughing out loud and ruining the whole prank!

The result: A great prank call that is so convincing that you’ll want to wind up everyone you know!

Here are some examples of automated prank calls you can use.

Until next time, happy pranking!