What’s the secret to making really funny prank calls?

Anyone can make a prank call, but there is an art to making a really funny prank call.

There is one thing that all famous prank callers have in common. And that’s delivery.

To make funny prank calls, you have to get your timing just right. You have to believe that that you are the little character who is winding up that person. What would they say?

Strangely enough, usually the best prank calls come from you not actually trying to make a “funny prank call” at all. If you received a call from someone trying to be funny, you would probably immediately think it was a wind up call.

The funniest prank call ideas come from the reaction of the person you are calling rather than what you are saying.

In our experience, as operators of a prank call service, we have seen lots of funny prank calls. And lots of prank calls that just don’t work too. All the funniest wind up calls build up slowly.

Firstly they engage the person you are calling, kind of like an introduction, which sounds fairly normal. You want to have a conversation, not alert them to the call being a wind up.

During the conversation, the questions are key. Usually the funniest prank calls start off by asking fairly normal questions and then making them more and more outrageous as the prank call goes on.

It’s like pushing a boundary where you are clearly asking outrageous things and the other person is still answering seriously – they have no idea they are being wound up!

Then comes the best bit. The close of the prank call.

Unleasing the prank call can be done in many different ways. You can let the person know that you have been winding them all along, or drop something in subtly that triggers them to suddenly realise what a fool they have been aswering your ridiculous questions.

This type of prank call works best with know-it-alls! We’re sure you know at least a few of these boffins who need a bit of lightening up…

So, to make a funny prank phone call work, it’s really about focusing on the topic of the prank call, the delivery and also having the confidence you will need to pull it off.

So get practising and you’ll be a pranking pro in no time.  However, if you want to try some funny automated prank phone calls, then visit our funny prank calls website for more info.