What Makes The Best Pranks?

We have a philosophy at PrankCalls4u – the best pranks should be where both parties share the laughter. These type of prank calls are the best because they are rememberable and give enjoyment to everyone involved, which is the whole idea.

Sometimes people may think the point of a prank is to annoy, offend or insult someone, however this is not the true essence of what makes the perfect prank.

The perfect prank may annoy, frustrate or even anger someone momentarily, but ultimately by the time that the prank has played out, the benefits should be mutually enjoyable. That’s what a real prank should be like.

Whether it’s a practical joke or a prank phone call, this fundamental ingredient will always pave the way to the best pranks.

A good example is from the TV Series on Comedy Central – Impractical Jokers. These guys are always laughing, but so are their chosen “victims”. These wind up show characters, although primarily geared up to humiliate themselves as the butt of the jokes, are also able to share that laughter and humiliation with the other people involved, which overall makes for a much better pranking experience.

Laughter shared is much better than offending, insulting or angering. Try this approach and see how much better your pranking results are – for everyone involved!

A great prank should make someone’s day!

Have a look at the Impractical Jokers in action to see what we mean: