Have Loads of Fun with Prank Calls

There are days when you need a good laugh to take your mind off the workload that’s waiting for you in school or at the office. During these days, people usually invite their friends to come over for a movie marathon, or to talk about random things while downing a bottle of beer. Barbecue afternoons with family are also very much welcome.

While these events are great ways to de-stress and unwind, there are also times where you may want to mix things up a little. This can be with family or friends, or both! Although perhaps better suited to a group of close pals, you can suggest an entire afternoon of making prank calls. You can choose random numbers, prank call them, add a little bit of creativity to your spiel, and watch your friends toss and turn as they burst out in laughter.

Phone Pranks

There are many ways that you can make prank phone calls. You have to start with a good prank call script. Begin by creating a great opener, that isn’t too outrageous – it has to be believable yet also provoke further interest, so that the conversation can continue. The best pranks are the ones that keep someone hanging, not quite knowing that they are being pranked, and right at the end, unleash the prank, causing maximum humiliation!

It’s also essential to choose people that you know will play into the prank. You have to be confident as you speak, so that the prank is all the more convincing, and you must also hold back your laughter, or else you’ll spoil the prank! The possibilities are endless with phone pranks, and the laughter limitless.

Timing is Key

Delivering a good punch line is all about timing. If it’s too early, it won’t be funny, and if it’s too late then you just missed the moment. You need to know when to throw in the punch line in order for your prank calls to be successful.


You should also know what your limitations are when it comes to making prank calls. Remember to never prank call emergency services or anyone you feel will not react well. Pranks should be about pure clean fun – that’s why you also need to be cautious in coming up with your spiel, and choose to prank someone you know will take the joke well, once it’s out the bag!

Leave it to the Pros

If you want to have a laugh, but are not keen on making the prank calls yourself, either for fear of laughing out loud and blowing your cover, or if you are struggling to come up with good prank call ideas, then why not leave it to the prank call pros.

At PrankCalls4u, we have you covered! Just choose a funny windup from our range of funny prank calls, give us the number that you want us to call, and we’ll do the rest, as we unleash the windups on whoever you like! All our automated prank calls are professionally recorded, ultra-realistic, and you can listen in on the pranks and laugh out loud without having to worry if the person on the other line can hear you. So go, make some funny memories and prank someone today!