April Fools Day 2016 – Prank Or Be Pranked!

Funny April Fools Prank Calls 2016

A big welcome to all you pranksters out there, who have come together once again, at this special time of year, where we unleash all our best pranks on our friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you feel requires a good pranking.


April Fools Day, which falls on the 1st of April every year, is celebrated all around the world. It’s a great opportunity to unleash some funny pranks on your friends, and have some fun. Heck, there’s enough stresses and strains in life, so why not give yourself the best medicine of all – laughter.

You can learn more about the History of April Fools by clicking the link. However in short, April Fools seems to have uncertain origins, but one thing is for sure, April Fools is an ancient tradition, with a rich history of pranking from all walks of life.

The basic idea is to share laughter and to get one up on your friends, and this calls for ingenious April Fools Day Ideas to be thought up; like the McDonald’s ad promoting the “Left handed burger”!

Other famous April Fools Day Pranks include Virgin Cola’s “Blue Can” prank, where Virgin Cola ran an ad across British newspapers claiming that if a can went past it’s sell by date, a reaction would take place, where the can itself would turn blue. This was around the same time that Pepsi unveiled its bright blue cans! (#99 on this List of Top April Fools Pranks). So April Fools can also promote some funny and healthy competition amongst brands too.

Whatever your take on April Fools, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate this ancient tradition, and pull out your best pranks for a bumper April Fools.

Send your friends around the bend with our funny April Fools Day pranks

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Have a great April Fools 2016 everyone, from PrankCalls4u.com

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