Prank Calls Made Easy with PrankCalls4u

You may love the idea of being able to wind up your mates with great prank calls at will, but the truth is that to make a good prank call requires a certain level of skill.

To help you get these skills, we have put together several guides on how to make prank calls in older posts, but this post will show you a more instant way to prank your mates.

PrankCalls4u is a prank calls website that offers a selection of hilarious pre-recorded phone pranks that you can play on your mates.

You simply dial our prank line, choose the prank you want from our selection of wacky wind ups, enter their phone number and our system will prank them. Simple!

The pranks themselves are recorded with top voice actors to make them ultra realistic, and then we combine them with Artificial Intelligence technology to listen to what your “victim” says and respond accordingly… so they think they are talking to a real person!

The end result is the ability to make prank calls to your mates and have them fooled, whilst being able to listen in live and secretly to their reaction!

This removes the need to think up a theme for your prank, the pressure of keeping your cool when the conversation doesn’t go your way, knowing what to say, and of course, holding yourself back from laughing and spoiling the prank… leaving you to enjoy the prank call more.

So know you have an easy way to humiliate your friends, family or whoever you feel deserves it!

You can view our selection of hilarious prank calls at //

4 Simple Tips to Make Funny Prank Calls

Everyone loves prank calls. Except maybe if you’re on the other end of one! But often, it can be a good way to wind up your mates too.

We’ll start off by listing what doesn’t make a funny prank call:

  • Prank calls that are really silly and not well thought out often get bad or angry responses
  • Poor content of the prank call
  • Bad or not convincing delivery
  • Laughing before the prank is in full effect

With the above in mind, it makes it a lot easier to then work out how to make a funny prank call. So here are the ingredients for making funny prank calls:

  • A well thought out theme, which is either funny or engaging so it can cause humiliation later
  • Good punch line or delivery of the “gag” part of the prank call
  • Confident delivery, in character
  • Holding back your laughter until the end

With these 4 simple prank calling ingredients, you can easily make funny prank calls at will.

Alternatively, you can use our prank call website, which will take care of all of the above for you at //

Don’t forget to share these prank call tips with your friends so we can make even funnier prank calls.