Fonejacker Prank Calls

If you have ever wanted to make a prank call, Fonejacker has to be on your listening list for exactly how to pull them off to great effect!

All too often, prank calls are made without much thought, maybe when you’re bored, and usually make about as much laughs as the amount of creativity that went in… which is good news, because this means, with the right mix of creativity and delivery you can have some serious prank calling fun!

A good place to start when learning how to prank is to watch or listen to the classic ones. Some good choices to search for are:

  • Fonejacker
  • Scott Mills pranks calls
  • Chris Moyles radio pranks

You could also use a prank call service, where you choose a windup and let the prank call number deliver the prank whilst you laugh out loud.

Whatever you choose, remember, a good prank is all about creativity and confidence!