Prank ideas to do when you’re bored

There are lots of pranks you can pull if you are really bored, have a few minutes to spare or simply want some prank ideas to try out.

Here is a list of prank sites and resources organised by type of prank. Leave a comment if you have a site you think should be added to the list below:

As always… responsible pranking!

Fake newspapers sites

Fake newspaper sites do exactly what they say on the tin. You can edit an online newspaper template and add your own headlines and messages to make an authentic looking fake newspaper, which you can then send via email or order a printed copy.

// – Fake newspaper site
// – Fake newspaper stories
// – Spoof newspapers and spoof magazines

Fake email sites

Fake email sites also do exactly what they say on the tin. They produce fake emails sent from a phony email address of your choice. This type of joke is funny if you want to send a friend an email appearing to come from a celebrity for example, therefore being a great windup.

// – Hoax email site
// – Fake email generator
// – Dead fake emails
// – Anonymous emails site

Revenge on ex

This is a quite a popular type of prank. Sometimes these pranks can be a bit harsh, but then again, maybe when your ex cheated on you was also a bit harsh! Revenge on an ex girlfriend or boyfriend can be funny if done right and with a good sense of humour.

// – Revenge on ex site
// – Hilarious revenge on ex video

Prank call sites

Prank call sites can be great fun. Typically they are automated services, where you can choose from a selection of pre-recorded pranks and then unleash them over the phone to a friend or someone you don’t like very much. They are realistic and sure to generate a laugh! You can choose from various prank call ideas, including special revenge on ex pranks

// – Prank calls