It’s April Fool’s Day 2012! – Get Some Prank Call Ideas Here!

Happy April Fool’s Day 2012!

It’s the day of the practical joke, the outrageous wind up and the hilarious prank call – Happy April Fools!

Over the years, individuals and companies have scratched their heads to think of original and funny April Fools day prank ideas, and there have been some classics – for example Burger King ran an advert promoting a “Left handed burger” whose sauce only dripped out of one side. The response? Lots of phone calls from customers demanding this special burger!

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And of course, if you want some inspiration on prank calls, then look no further than PrankCalls4u – the home of the prank call. Browse our selection of hilarious prank call ideas and prank your friends!

Let’s make April Fool’s 2012 something to remember and let’s get serious about being silly!