11 Legendary College Pranks to Applaud on April Fool’s Day

With April Fools 2012 in sight, once again, PrankCalls4u.co.uk is here to amuse and entertain all those who embrace this amazing day.

Recently we were contacted by BestCollegeOnline.com who informed us of a nifty little list of top April Fools Pranks they have put together.

Usually these sorts of lists are not very interesting as most of the pranks are well known and… are not the best to start with!

But they have really pulled some great ones out the bag in this article, which is called “11 Legendary College Pranks to Applaud on April Fool’s Day

Here’s what funny April Fool’s pranks are covered in the list:

  • Bonsai kittens
  • Car on the roof
  • Great Rose Bowl Hoax
  • Hugo N. Frye
  • Veterans of Future Wars
  • Harvard sucks
  • Maryland half-court shot
  • Theft of the Sacred Cod
  • Greasing the railroad tracks
  • “Clap if you think he’s guilty”

Our favourite April Fool’s prank in this list is the Car on the roof hoax – now that would have caused a lot of head scratching! Clearly a top April Fool’s prank idea. Get your toolbox out, let’s get that car on the roof!

Note: Please don’t try these at home! We will not come and take your neighbours car down off the roof.