Golden Likes Guitar – A Golden Retriever Dog Loves Guitar!

In this viral video, you’ll see a golden retriever happily listenening to his owner playing a rather funny little guitar tune.

The golden retriever seems to be a fan of the guitar music and nods with an open mouth, smiling,  when those catchy chords are played, and stops and closes his mouth when the music stops…and opens his mouth and nods to the tune when it starts…and again…and again…

This is a must see video and is definitely a day brightener, and has become so popular that the dog listening to guitar video recently was aired on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK.

If you want to see the dog who likes guitar listening to his favourite music, then check out the Golden Likes Guitar video here at // where can also leave a comment. Fantastic video and great tune by Drew Arcolio!

The video of the labrador that likes guitar music is already a YouTube sensation with millions of views and is gathering quite a following! Watch this clip of Denzel Washinton requesting the dog likes guitar music soundtrack on air as he performs the facial expressions of the famous labrador!