Prank Call Ideas – 3 of the most hilarious pranks played

Pulling a good prank is an achievement. It takes creativity, a sense of humour and a good measure of confidence. The best prank calls are the ones that are rememberable… the ones that will always come up in conversation… “Oh, you remember the time when you totally owned big Dave?”

The best prank call ideas are the original ones where you let your personality and sense of humour come across. The prank may be subtle and build up slowly or it can be totally outrageous…

Recently a fellow prankster visited our prank calls website and sent us an email (thanks for your compliments on the “Is Quentin there?” prank by the way!). The email detailed a rather outrageous video prank he pulled on a friend’s car as payback for an earlier prank done on his car…

Basically, his friend decides to put an axe in his car roof as a joke…as you do. Imagine waking up to that…checks the insurance… What did the survey say on axe related damages being covered?  So, obviously, being a prankster, he had to go one step further with quite an incredible (and probably funny at some point in the future for his friend) contraption designed to dish up some payback in 30-foot axe style!

The prank was done in the style of a video prank call, where the whole prank was played live to his friend on camera – Watch the viral Giant 30 Foot Axe Car Video Prank as seen in the Sun newspaper viral videos section.

Another funny prank is the shampoo wind up – this one is just great.  In this practical joke, shampoo is continually applied to an unsuspecting person’s hair in the shower room, leaving them incredibly frustrated that the stuff just won’t wash out!  The prank is made infinitely funnier just by the fact that someone is shouting for the person washing their hair to hurry up and that lather just keeps on flowing. “I can’t get this stuff out!” – Watch the Shampoo Prank.

Then there’s the prank at the gas station, where a flatscreen TV is mounted to the pump with the news channel seemlingly on and broadcasting. Only the news reporter starts to talk to the people that are filling up their cars. This is an example of a great public prank, where people believe they are being talked to live on tv…while filling up their cars…by a reporter asking some rather dodgy and personal question that they think is going live on air! – Watch the Hilarious Gas Pump Prank.

If you have any funny pranks you’ve pulled, then leave us a comment, or visit our website for more funny prank call ideas.