How to Wind Up Your Friends with Hilarious Wind Up Calls

Looking for ways to wind up your friends?

If you are looking for the perfect way to wind up your friends, your family or anyone that you feel definitely needs some winding up, then read on to find out some great ways to wind up your mates.

Playing a crank phone call is a great way to wind up your friends because it has all the ingredients of a great wind up. You have the “straight faced” start to the call, the bit in the middle where the prank starts to unwind and then the part where you let the joke call out of the bag and humiliate them by letting them know that they’ve just been had!

There are many different ways to wind up your mates with a prank call, and it all depends on what type of person you are winding up…

Would they suspect something was up straight away if the prank call was initially too outrageous to be true, or are they the type of person that will fall for any phone gag under the sun?

Some prank calls use confusion as a great way to wind a person up. Confusion is great because they will never know if the call is a joke or just a typical confusing situation – these types of pranks calls work great for the impatient type of person who is funny when they get frustrated, or equally for someone who gets absorbed by all the fuss and will start interacting with the chaos whilst they have not got a clue what is going on.

Wrong number pranks are classic example of this, such as “Is Quentin there?” a funny prank call that creates a very hectic and confusion situation for the person you are pranking and lots of laughs for the prank caller.

Another great type of prank to use to wind up your friends is the typical “question style” prank call, similar to those performed by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1. These types of wind up phone calls are usually played to unsuspecting targets who may be at work or think that they are dealing with a real customer, for example the hilarious Scottish pizza prank call.

These types of pranks usually play on the fact they the other person is in work mode and usually has to be accommodating of the callers requests to a certain extent – after all the beauty of this type of call is that the whole story behind the prank could well be true, however as the prank call unfolds, eventually the person you are calling will twig that it’s a windup, either causing funny reactions and / or humiliation that they’ve been done! A great example of this is when BCC Radio 1’s Scott Moyles prank calls a taxi company pretending to be Shaggy.

Then you have the classic, slow release prank calls. These types of phone gags start off more serious and straight faced and usually the prank caller with put on a posh or professional voice in order to make out that they are someone important, and that the dribble that are literally spilling is pure facts!  Prank calls like this usually create the most humiliation because they usually start by asking simple questions that relax the person being pranked into answering more and more outrageous questions with equally silly answers!

As the prank call continues, the silliness of the questions is ramped up, and the idea is to see how far you can push them before they realise they have been owned! The best example of this type of call is most certainly the famous Sexual disease clinic prank call, which is probably one of the best ways to get revenge on an ex in a creative and very funny way.

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