Halloween Prank Calls – Ideas for Halloween Pranks

First of all, happy Halloween!  It’s the 31st November and it’s time to celebrate the festival we all know as Halloween – But what is Halloween and where does it come from?

Where does Halloween come from?

Halloween is actually a combination of the words “All Hallows Even” or evening, which is the night before All Hallows Days.  However, traditionally all the celebrations and events are focused around the evening itself.

Historically, Halloween is quite an important event in the Calendar, meaning different things to different cultures. Some believe that Halloween is the time of year where the supernatural world is closest to the physical world.

Despite Halloweens association with scary things, haunted places and ghosts, generally it is seems to be a positive day, which is why we celebrate with “trick or treating”, costume parties, scaring each other by telling ghost stories in the dark, watching scary movies and performing a variety of Halloween pranks, which obviously begs the question…

What makes a good Halloween prank?

Halloween pranks to scare your friends or family could involve you dressing up in a particularly scary outfit and jumping out from the garden hedge. That would be scary on a dark night and especially on Halloween, but it’s not very creative…

The best Halloween pranks require a little more thought. Think about building up some suspense leading up to the scare. You want them to become absorbed into the prank, so it seems more realistic and more scary. The more suspense, the better the prank!

Also, you’ll also notice that Halloween is a good time for funny pranks aswell. Anything that remotely relates to being outrageous and off the wall can be effective prank material, just looks at the outfits people wear at Halloween themed costume parties – they’re not all scary and some of them are

The great thing about Halloween celebrations is that they are so open to anything you can think of. If you have a sense of humour and like winding people up, then you may also find that a Halloween prank call could be great fun too.

Halloween prank call ideas

Prank calls are a very popular way of playing jokes and Halloween pranks on people you know. However, prank calls also require that element of suspense to make them realistic.

Usually the biggest challenge is not laughing when you unleash your prank, however if you do it right, you’ll definitely cause embarassment after the person you’re pranking finds out they’ve been had!

Imagine being able to prank call your mates, family or anyone you feel deserves it, without any prank call skills what-so-ever and not having to worry about laughing ruining the prank.

Introducing our automated prank call service – all you need to do is choose a automated wind up from our Halloween prank call ideas and let our prank call service to the rest!

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