4 Simple Tips to Make Funny Prank Calls

Everyone loves prank calls. Except maybe if you’re on the other end of one! But often, it can be a good way to wind up your mates too.

We’ll start off by listing what doesn’t make a funny prank call:

  • Prank calls that are really silly and not well thought out often get bad or angry responses
  • Poor content of the prank call
  • Bad or not convincing delivery
  • Laughing before the prank is in full effect

With the above in mind, it makes it a lot easier to then work out how to make a funny prank call. So here are the ingredients for making funny prank calls:

  • A well thought out theme, which is either funny or engaging so it can cause humiliation later
  • Good punch line or delivery of the “gag” part of the prank call
  • Confident delivery, in character
  • Holding back your laughter until the end

With these 4 simple prank calling ingredients, you can easily make funny prank calls at will.

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Don’t forget to share these prank call tips with your friends so we can make even funnier prank calls.

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